Burnette Gallery presents Fire in the Belly, an exhibition showcasing the female experience, curated by artists Laura Gurton and Carole Kunstadt.

Identity, empowerment, family, relationships, fantasy, mythology, sensuality as well as the biological, emotional and spiritual are explored by twenty-six artists from the Hudson Valley and greater New York.

The Artists Reception on Saturday, October 13, 6 – 9pm will coincide with the widely acclaimed Woodstock Film Festival.

Featured artists

Undine Brod
Amy Cheng
Tricia Cline
Orly Cogan
Susan Spencer Crowe
Penny Dell
Kara Eletto
Carla Goldberg
Laura Gurton

Kay Kenny
Simone Kestelman
Sky Kim
Carole Kunstadt
Janice La Motta
Alise Loebelsohn
Portia Munson
Debra Priestly
Ann Provan

Arlene Rush
Linda Friedman Schmidt
Jicky Schnee
Judy Sigunick
Louise P. Sloane
Julia Santos Solomon
Terry Ann Tomlinson
Jayoung Yoon