Tai Burnette’s career has been a patchwork quilt of wildly different phases—long stints in property development, as a life coach, Nashville songwriter, and musician-at-large (opening for the likes of Alison Krauss and John Hiatt, no less). “Life coaching is all about an ontological support of people’s goals,” Burnette says. “A couple years ago, I started to really miss that. So I thought about how I might get back into that in a meaningful way.” She settled on supporting artists and began searching high and low for a space—Florida, Long Island, Upstate.

Both of Burnette’s grandmothers were artists, one a gallerist to boot, and she was groomed to be a painter from a young age, so it’s no surprise that owning a gallery has been a lifelong dream.

Burnette is drawn to art that is a genuine exploration and expression of the human condition in all its many forms, regardless of geographic origin.  “Art should change you or move you. It’s important that I have curators that bring in art that I don’t necessarily understand or like,” she says. “I want this gallery to be an experience every time.”